Gamiban Schools Project

For my final project, as part of my Masters, I decided to write, illustrate and produce a Gambian specific story book, which would potentially be used in schools throughout the region in which my Dad teaches.  Until now children would have access to only donated books, newspapers and comics, which they would use in the classroom to practice reading english, many of which were on subjects which were difficult for the children to identify with.

After several trips to the country, a number of visits to several schools and discussions with teachers, I identified a need for a book which was not only age specific but also Country specific, meaning that kids would be able to see pictures of landscapes and animals of Gambia.

Marvin The Monkey is a 16 page, full colour book, which was self published in September 2008. Above are a few sample pages.  It has been one of my most challenging projects to date but also the most rewarding.

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