Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mumbles District Print

The 'Mumbles districts' print is the second in a series following on from my original 'Swansea districts' print.  The are both available from myself (see the contact section of this site) or Ocean Gallery in Swansea.

I am also happy to take commissions.  The print above was a one-off for Julia who contacted me after seeing my original print. She wanted areas and locations that were meaningful to her partner and herself.

Exist Skatepark 'Ride BMX Magazine advert'

Swansea Tattoo Company Poster/Flyer

Hobo's 20th Birthday Party Invite

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Digital Collage Series

Whilst having a sort though of an old hard drive I found these digital collages I did many many years ago. I still really like how they turned out.

Zazen Series

July Monkey Flyer